About TRC60 Temperature Data Logger

TRC60 is a reliable, single use digital temperature data logger with simple and safe usage. It provides an efficient solution for in-transit temperature recording for perishable products. It can record temperature data with 6 minutes log interval during transportation up to 60 days. You can connect it to your computer by plugging directly into USB port and get data report. There is no requirements for any additional cables or other apparatus. Reported data can be saved, printed out or sent by e-mail.

General Features:

  • Reliable and efficient solution to in-transit temperature recording.
  • Single use.
  • Temperature recording with same sensitivity for short time or long time voyages.
  • 24 Hours, 72 hours, 10 days, 20 days, 30 days, 45 days... Up to 60 days, recording with same log interval (6 minutes),
  • Dual scale (°C / °F) temperature details and temperature charts.
  • Comprehensive data report.
  • Simple and safe usage.
  • Special package to prevent any misuse.
  • Less documents.
  • No additional apparatus, just plug into usb port of your computer.
single use temperature datalogger

single use temperature recorder package

TRC60 Package Info

There are 20 pcs of Inkatech TRC60 temperature datalogger inside of each box. Total box weight with the Inkatech TRC60 temperature dataloggers included is 585 gram. Box dimensions are 217mm x 130mm x 148mm.